We are so excited to have Mitch the Lip and The Side Hustle at Ice Cream Fest this year!

Mitch the Lip & The Side Hustle at Ice Cream Fest

Get ready to be blown away at the Ice Cream Fest by the electrifying sounds of Mitch the Lip & The Side Hustle. Imagine a blend of New Orleans funk, British ska/reggae, Motown, and Bad Company – that’s the magic Mitch the Lip & The Side Hustle bring to the stage. With Mitch’s vocals echoing the soulfulness of Paul Rodgers and the groove of Maceo Parker, their music will captivate your soul and get you moving, whether in your seat or on the dance floor.

This powerhouse band features a killer rhythm section, triple threat horns, and four amazing singers, making Side Hustle a musical tour de force. They perform both originals and unique renditions of your favorite hits from artists like James Brown, Prince, Gov’t Mule, and Lettuce, unlike anything you’ve heard before. Get ready for a funk-filled experience that will transform your free time!

Meet Mitch the Lip & The Side Hustle:

  • Mitch ‘The Lip’ – Vocals, Trumpet, Guitar
  • Tom ‘Shoes’ Trinka – Alto Sax, Vocals
  • Robb ‘The Mad Scientist’ Calabro – Tenor Sax, Vocals
  • Johnny ‘Meatballs’ Griffin – Guitar, Vocals
  • Ken ‘Doc’ Johnson – Keys
  • Ira ‘The Mayor’ Sussman – Bass
  • Robert ‘Skoalie’ Davis – Drums

Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable performance by Mitch the Lip & The Side Hustle. Picture vibrant melodies harmonizing with the setting sun by the beautiful Crystal Lake. Feel the excitement in the air as you get ready for a musical experience like no other.

So, bring your friends, wear your dancing shoes, and get ready to groove to the dynamic sounds of Mitch the Lip & The Side Hustle at the Ice Cream Fest. Funky rhythms, ice cream delights, and good vibes await you. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to funk up your free time!

Ice Cream Fest at Main Beach

a magical evening

Join us on Friday, August 9th, 2023 from 3pm to 9pm for a deliciously sweet event.

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